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Assassin's Creed 3 (Patch/Crack/1.04) 2013 | SKIDROW

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Assassin's Creed 3 (Patch/Crack/1.04) 2013 | SKIDROW
Оригинальная игра: Assassin's Creed 3
Содержание раздачи: Патч

Тип издания: Официальный
Версия: 1.04
Требуемая версия оригинальной игры: 1.03
Релиз от: SKIDROW

Таблетка: Присутствует (SKIDROW)

Официальный патч для игры Assassin's Creed 3 + кряк...
Приятной игры!

    Assassins Creed III v1.04 Update info:


    It is no longer possible to get multiple streaks for the same kill or stun.
    It is no longer possible to continuously use a loss streak under certain conditions.
    After a character dies, their smoke bomb ability cooldown is not improperly reset anymore in >>
    Domination on Northwest Passage.
    The aiming FX for knives is no longer stuck on the screen if the ability is used while the >>
    character is walking in an idle state at the beginning of a session.
    Players can no longer use the Animus Hack when stunned.


    In Saint Pierre, Martinique characters no longer remain stuck inside the sugar cane field when trying >>
    to stun their pursuer under certain conditions.
    In Charlestown, the camera now works as intended when the player hides in a haystack under a roof.


    In Wolfpack, Players can now kill the final boss even if the last targets (in session 24) are killed >>
    with the Animus hack win streak.
    In Wolfpack, fixed a bug where the game could be stuck for a player at the start of a four players >>
    Wolfpack session on the night version of the Charlestown map.
    In Wolfpack, the extra objective now refreshes properly if the host leaves the session when the >>
    synchronized kill staging starts.
    In Domination, fixed instances where the game could crash at the end of a session.
    In Domination, chase breakers in an enemy base don?t incorrectly open for a player fast walking towards >>
    them under certain conditions.
    In Assassinate, the lock is no longer cancelled when the pursuer enters a haystack.
    In Artifact Assault, the player no longer re-spawns with the flag if killed with a gun in mid-air >>
    while jumping in the enemy base under certain conditions.


    Players are no longer stuck under certain conditions after performing a contested kill at the base >>
    of a crane.
    Several issues which happened when the group leader would back from searching for game sessions have >>
    been corrected.
    Weather effects now work properly for all players in a session.
    The variety bonus counter is no longer broken under certain conditions.


    Some user interface overlap problems have been fixed.
    Improvements have been made to the Loyalty feature.
    A quick access to the Abstergo Store has been added. You can now access it from any screen by clicking >>
    on the wallet icon in your player profile area in the top right hand corner.
    A new tip about the Abstergo Store has been added.

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